What’s better than building the next big thing? It’s doing so while never letting go of the little things that matter.

True to the core

We cultivate a culture of inclusiveness and openness, and a mindset of exploration and applied innovation. Being part of Rightful Group means experiencing and contributing to this environment every day. A dynamic culture where we are united by a common purpose: to grow, together.

Being better than who you were yesterday, is a common trait in our people. We believe in open channels of communication that aim to achieve higher and higher.

Rightful Group as an organization has been specific about its 'Work Culture' since its very beginning. The founders of the organization have brooded over an extensive set of corporate values and ethics and standards which flow through every channel of the organization.


At Rightful, we firmly believe in creating an environment that's more than just a place to work. We are agile and adaptable, those trendsetters who live their lives passionately to grow every day. Here are a few insights...

What our employess says about us

CEO Message

The digital market is undergoing radical transformation with diversifying consumer needs and the advances in technology. Starting out small, I always strive to cross my limits and not let numbers and scenarios drag me down.

Digital Marketing is all about being one step ahead of your competitors. We seek to open new doors in digital space by fueling it with data driven solution and giving it a human touch through the core experiences of our team. Our agility and flexibility in emerging opportunities is what keeps us going in our long haul.

I have always believed in assisting teams in their creative pursuit, brainstorming ideas and strategy modulation. This helps to boost their skills beyond their job roles.

Looking forward, we focus on remaining committed and resilient in expanding our digital hemispheres to be global powerhouse of performance. There is no downside on taking risks, you will either earn rewards or a learning experience.

Whether you are a potential business partner, keen customer, or a future team member, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to grow together.